achieving your ideal

mind-body balance



Seasonal Ayurvedic Therapy

Detox your body

and restore balance

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Menopause, Natural Balance

Natural Therapy to counteract

the symptoms of this phase

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Coaching for Weight Loss

Guidance to help you change

your eating habits

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getting to know yourself

How do you feel?

Sometimes, you want to accomplish many goals but do not have the strength or the energy to do it.

Do you feel like your mind and your body cannot connect and they go in opposite directions? These feelings take away your liveliness; do you experience them regularly?



Low Mood

Difficulty concentrating

You are not alone

what can you do?

I offer you guidance and the tools to help you transform your habits and accomplish a healthy and natural lifestyle that will allow you to get mind-body balance. These tools are based on a method that will let you self-manage and be your own guide.

Finding balance can be difficult, but with the proper guidance and methodology, it does not have to be so. Together, we will create a lifestyle completely adapted to your needs.


I´m here to help you

Accomplish your goals

Discipline, confidence and self-control to take charge of your life

Feel Better

Release endorphins that will boost your energy levels and determination

Practice Proper eating habits

Do you know what, how and when to eat? Do you know which foods are, or are not, the best for you?

Strengthen your body

Energize your muscles, bones and joints to strengthen your goals

Reduce stress and anxiety 

Two enemies that we have to beat in a positive way

Achieve sustainable results

Accomplish long term and meaningful results

Marcela Fortson

Certified Health Coach

Her Knowledge about life and healthy habits comes from a background learning from important mentors and recognized experts in health and well-being such as Jack Kornfield PhD, Dan Siegel MD, Deepak Chopra MD, Dr Suhas Kshirsagar and Andrew Weil MD, among others. This has allowed her to create a method that works with every person individually, designing a completely customized and effective lifestyle.

  • Health Coach
  • Master in Ayurveda
  • Coach in neuroscience and psychology tools
  • Certified in Perfect Health and Seduction of Spirit
  • Mindfulness & Love workshop participant
  • Certified Yoga instructor

My Commitment

Creating a lifestyle completely adapted to you and accompanying you along the process

The process

Providing a methodology for you to become your own guide and self-manager

The Result

Achieving the ideal mind-body balance to live fully

more than clients, friends


“I have been working with Marcela for six weeks and the results have been excellent. I even improved aspects of my personal life that I never imagined I would. I now know that is possible to accomplish everything you want and more.”


“Thanks to Marcela’s support, I found the confidence and self-control to help me achieve a healthy weight and maintain it without using miracle products. Now, I feel happy and I know how to take care of myself in a natural way.”


“I needed to change my habits.  Stress made me stress-eat constantly and I had several health issues. I found Marcela through a friend and since then I’ve managed to be consistent, get to know myself better and understand my behavior. Today, I feel great and full of energy.”


“Establishing healthy routines, adapted to my lifestyle, allowed me to be much more productive and suffer less from anxiety and stress. It was a pleasure working with Marcela because she understood my needs from the start.”


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