Together we will create, from an initial evaluation, a program that fits your lifestyle and includes effective and permanent ways to balance your health and weight
  • A program designed specifically for you
  • Motivation and guidance to boost the desired changes
  • A space to accomplish your goals, free of judgement

my approach

Coaching for weight loss

my commitment

Being the guide that drives your motivation and efforts to achieve the changes you desire; inspiring you to act instead of continuously putting it off.

The process

Providing you with a method for self-managing and becoming your own guide. Coaching for weight loss can last from 3 to 6 months, depending on personal characteristics and individual progress.

the result

Achieving not only a healthy weight loss but long-term changes in your lifestyle.


Does the program suggest buying additional or special products?

No. It is an action plan that we design together which will progressively change your habits and teach you to eat healthier.

How much weight will I lose weekly?

It is not a “miracle” program that guarantees losing a lot of weight in a short period of time because that would not be healthy. If you are looking for extreme results in no time, this is NOT your program.

Is the program based on exercising?

No. After the initial assessment, we create a program together that will combine exercise adequate to your physical fitness and the progressive introduction of new eating habits. In addition, you will have constant motivation and support during the process. 

Do you eliminate any kind of food?

No. Healthy and sustainable weight loss is based on a balanced diet that includes every food group in the right amounts. Each one of them has nutrients necessary for our health.


My book: designed to help you develop a full, healthy and happy life during menopause