After an initial assessment to determine the needs of your body and your emotional state, I will create a plan specially designed for you.
  • Do you feel overweight?
  • Are you constantly tired or listless?
  • Do you think your skin is dry, dull and has no shine?

Then, this Ayurvedic Therapy service is what you are looking for, to bring back your mind-body balance.


Seasonal Ayurvedic Therapy

My commitment

Identifying and assessing your needs to create a plan completely adapted to you and accompanying you throughout the process.

The process

Providing you with a methodology for you to self-manage and become your own guide. The duration of the Seasonal Ayurvedic Therapy varies from one to two weeks.

The result

Accomplishing a body detox, as well as the perfect mind-body balance to live to the fullest and feel better and livelier.


How do I know if I need a Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse?

You need one if you feel listless or tired; have dull skin and hair and/or are suffering from bad breath, gastrointestinal problems or bloating. However, anyone can benefit from Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanses.

Is the Seasonal Ayurvedic Therapy a scheduled fasting to detox the body?

No, it isn’t fasting. Through the Seasonal Ayurvedic Therapy you detox your body and prepare it to experience the natural changes in the environment.

Can I keep my routine (work, studies, exercise, etc.) during the therapy?

Yes, you can continue all your daily activities.

How often should I do the Seasonal Ayurvedic Therapy?

At least 2 times a year; this will bring wonderful results and improve the quality of your life.


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