Characteristics of predominantly Kapha persons:

Kapha qualities: Cold, heavy, solid, stable, soft, slow. Their physical characteristics: They may be heavyset people with soft skin, thick hair, slow movements and regular digestion who gain weight easily and have difficulty to lose it.  They have a slow and easy sex drive oriented towards the process.

Their Dosha is made of earth and water.  They already have stability, density and deep feelings. Their main function is protection.  They are sensitive people.

Kapha people are characterized as faithful to their friends, always looking for generosity.  Kaphas know how to listen and have a quiet disposition. When Kaphas lose balance, they are stuck, they need motion to get out of sadness, apathy, pessimism and lack of motivation.

Those with large quantities of Kapha, are normally connected to earth and have a stable manner, they remain unaltered and are sometimes resistant to change.

When Kapha is in balance, they are constant, consistent, loyal, strong and solidary.

Out of balance, they are boring, inert, needy, congested, overweight and tend to look for overprotection.  The ideal time for Kapha is nighttime from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.

Tips to balance Kapha’s nutrition

  • The ideal dinner time is from 6-7:00pm with light to moderate foods.
  • It’s recommendable that you are calm for 5 minutes after your meals. Take advantage of that time to relax. Give yourself that time, ponder! If you are in balance, this time will help you see things in a more positive light.  Walk from 5 to 10 minutes to help the digestion.  You are, by nature, a passive person.  Look for motion, an incredible benefit for your mind and body.

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