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Thank you for being here and accepting my invitation to boost your health!

Together we can change some habits, allowing you to improve your well-being, vitality and joy of life. The transformation you desire is waiting for you.

Marcela Fortson



 mind – body


Getting to know yourself

How do you feel?

Sometimes, you want to accomplish many goals but do not have the strength or the energy to do it.

Do you feel like your mind and your body cannot connect and they go in opposite directions? These feelings take away your liveliness; do you experience them regularly?

Difficulty concentrating



Low mood

Chronic pain


Sesion Coaching of Menopause 1:1

Natural Therapy to counteract the symptoms of this phase.

During menopause, it is important to include in your life certain eating, exercise and health care routines. After an initial assessment, I will develop a personalized plan for you that will allow you to counteract the symptoms of this stage:

  • New eating habits that include nutrients that focus on balancing your hormone levels.
  • Depending on your symptoms, I will suggest some teas that will help you feel better.
  • Personalized Yoga and Meditation routines that will help improve your physical and emotional health.

Together, we will integrate into your lifestyle a personalized, holistic and natural program which would help you live your menopause happily and full of life.

Coaching for weight loss

Guidance to help you change your eating habits.

Together we will create, from an initial evaluation, a program that fits your lifestyle and includes effective and permanent ways to balance your health and weight

  • A program designed specifically for you
  • Motivation and guidance to boost the desired changes
  • A space to accomplish your goals, free of judgement

Seasonal Ayurvedic Therapy

Detox your body and restore balance.

After an initial assessment to determine the needs of your body and your emotional state, I will create a plan specially designed for you.
  • Do you feel overweight?
  • Are you constantly tired or listless?
  • Do you think your skin is dry, dull and has no shine?

Then, this Ayurvedic Therapy service is what you are looking for, to bring back your mind-body balance.

    Is this for me?

    If you are looking for solutions…

    We can reach your health and well-being goals. Together we will design a custom program that will help you create new habits and a healthier, happier lifestyle

    I am here to help you

    • accomplish a natural balance during menopause
    • lose weight
    • regain energy
    • detox your body
    • improve your overall health
    • reduce the risk of getting sick

    Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t do anything different

    My Approach

    My Committment

    Identify and assess your needs to create a plan completely adapted to you and accompany you during the process.


    Provide you with a methodology so that you can self-manage and become your own guide.


    The program will allow you to integrate a natural lifestyle. It also helps you get the ideal mind-body balance to live fully.

    more than clients, friends


    I needed to change my habits.  Stress made me stress-eat constantly and I had several health issues. I found Marcela through a friend and since then I’ve managed to be consistent, get to know myself better and understand my behavior. Today, I feel great and full of energy.


    I have been working with Marcela for six weeks and the results have been excellent. I even improved aspects of my personal life that I never imagined I would. I now know that is possible to accomplish everything you want and more.


    Thanks to Marcela’s support, I found the confidence and self-control to help me achieve a healthy weight and maintain it without using miracle products. Now, I feel happy and I know how to take care of myself in a natural way.


    Establishing healthy routines, adapted to my lifestyle, allowed me to be much more productive and suffer less from anxiety and stress. It was a pleasure working with Marcela because she understood my needs from the start.


    Author of the book

    Menopause: A guide to Pause, Find your Balance and live in Plenitude

    A book that allows you to understand menopause from the point of view of getting to know your body and create balance to help you enjoy this stage in life.

    This is a book that is a great tool for every woman close to the onset of menopause. Among other things, you will be able to identify the symptoms by understanding what is happening to you, change your habits and create a healthy lifestyle that allows you to go through menopause naturally, calmly, and in harmony with your body.