Attitude towards exercise

Preparing mentally to exercise means having the appropriate attitude towards one’s self.  Developing awareness of your own body is essential if you want to accomplish the desired results.

If you doubt or are self-critical when exercising for the first time, the only thing you will do is block your own sensations.

You have to focus all your attention on what you are doing, the feeling of your body moving. Your body is standing, seating or breathing in a particular way.

We tend to go on autopilot when exercising and we follow the instructions without paying attention to what is happening or perhaps we feel shy while doing it, thinking we look ridiculous.

Always exercise as if it were the first time

Whether it is a breathing exercise, a dance or a massage the goal is the same: identifying sensations that talk to you from within.

If you manage to understand the sensation and perceive the energy flow going through your body, you will benefit even more from the techniques.

You have to learn to follow the dictates of your body instead of your mind. Let the exercise come to you instead of consciously trying to control the experience. Do the exercises as if it were always the first time.

Try to have a “beginner’s mentality” and arrive at each technique openly and spontaneously, without prejudice, expectations or goals.

Do not consider the techniques as an exercise to be perfected, but as an exploration or adventure that you are going to undertake. Be spontaneous and enjoy the fullness of the moment, you will see how your own experience will give you what you need.