Having a quiet mind when exercising could make a huge difference in achieving your goals.


When exercising, you probably get distracted by a constant flow of thoughts that prevent you from feeling your body. Your mind’s restlessness stops your from focusing on the present. To receive and respond to your body’s sensorial messages, you have to train your consciousness by amplifying your ability to be fully present and learning to quiet your rational mind.

We understand “rational mind” as the ability to think, judge and analyze the direction of our daily life.

Consciousness has a wider vision and a higher perspective; it functions when the rational mind is at ease. To quiet the rational mind, you have to observe your own thoughts without identifying with them. If you delve into them, you give them more energy; if you resist them or criticize yourself for getting distracted, you will concentrate even less. You have to learn to observe them and let them go. If you manage to reduce the influence of the rational mind, you will raise your awareness and your connection with your body will be stronger. The more attention you pay to the subtle messages coming when your mind is at ease, the more awareness you will achieve. Through conscientious training you will be able to feel how you are standing, how you move and distinguish which body part you clearly feel and which you do not. Once you have learned to recognize the topography of your own body, you will begin to lose your restrictive habits and move more freely, fully and vitally.