Health is more than the lack of illness

Health is more than the lack of illness

Ayurveda takes into account life’s balance and harmony. It establishes that everything is related and has a mutual influence. Among its precepts we find:

Health is more than the lack of illness.

Ayurvedic medicine takes into account feelings, knowledge, body, attitude and environment. It tries to keep balance or find stability among all of life’s components.

Balance is a basic concept in Ayurvedic medicine. It considers health as inner stability, full satisfaction and physical well-being; In that point of balance, human beings experience their own completeness, they feel joy and sense their link to the Cosmos.

Ayurveda regards people as healthy when their physical areas (metabolism, digestion, tissues and excretions) are balanced and their spirit, senses and mind find inner happiness.

All physical, spiritual and mental functions are driven by three forces: the Doshas. Health is based in the balance of these energies. If this balance is broken, the body stops working properly.

This balance is broken when someone constantly acts against their individual nature.

The impairments can be caused due to:

  • Unsuitable diet
  • Misguided habits and behaviors
  • Negative feelings or thoughts
  • Stress or other environmental factors

When the body is unable to restore balance, health issues develop and people get ill.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, illnesses appear due to continuous imbalance of the Doshas, caused by the concentration of Ama (toxins and sludge). Ayurvedic therapy tries to restore Doshas’ balance by removing Ama.

There are several Ayurvedic therapies for the elimination of Ama, which I will explain in another post. However, what I want you to remember is the importance of being aware that health is more than the lack of illness and it is up to you to develop or improve it.